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Current Watch Map
Current Warning Map

State By State Radars
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Visible Satellite
East USA
West USA

United States/North American Weather Maps

Composite Radar with Tops

Surface Maps:
Weather Channel Current Surface
Unisys Current Surface
UCAR Surface Temperatures
Weather Underground
Heat Index
UCAR Dewpoint
Unisys Dewpoint
Unisys Surface Analysis

Infared Satellite Images:
USA Unisys
USA Unisys Composite
USA UCAR Infared
Atlantic Area
Northeast US
East Coast

Visual Satellites:
Western US/Hawaii
Eastern US Visual

Other Satellites:
Convective Cloud Tops

Stats and Current Information:
24 Hour Precipitation
Unisys Snow Cover
Drought Index

Upper Level Maps:
Jet Stream Analysis
Jet Stream Analysis with Satellite
Lifted Index Contour
National 850 mb Map
National 700 mb Map
National 500 mb Map
National 300 mb Map
National 200 mb Map
Northern Hemisphere
Northern Hemisphere 850mb
Southern Hemisphere
1000-500mb Thickness Contour
500mb Height Contour
300mb Wind Speed

Water Vapor Maps:
East Coast 1
East Coast 2
West Coast 1
West Coast 2
North America

Allergy Related:
Weather Channel Mold Spores
Weather Channel Tree Pollen

Frost/Freeze Advisories
Forest Service Fire Index
Fire Outlook - Today
Fire Outlook - Tomorrow

Forecast Maps:

US 24 Hour Forecast
East US - 4 Day Forecast
Central US - 4 Day Forecast
West US - 4 Day Forecast

Severe Weather:
Convective Outlook
Storm Reports-today
Storm Rpts-Yesterday
Current Watch Map
Current Warning Map

Lightning Detectors:
Within 300 miles of...
Texas, Taylor
More lightning information here

International Satellites:
Japan Satellite

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